If you haven't yet heard of Copenhagen Suborbitals, well, you should have! These guys are building rockets for basically pocket money, and intend to go to space. Manned.

If that doesn't deserve a few dollars of your support, I don't know what does!

Anyway, since we were close by we figured we'd go and have a look at their facility. We knew there wouldn't be anyone in since the summer is their prime rocket-testing season and they're all out at sea with their home-made marine launch platform. Still, we headed into the industrial area where they're based...

Pretty impressive, eh? Except, ah, that's the old power station whose land they sub-let. They actually do all their rocket building in their Horizontal Assembly Building, otherwise known as a rusty tin shed:

Parked nearby was their home-made submarine...

... and some obviously very interesting evidence of something high-temperature-related. Man, we're such geeks...

I just couldn't resist going and standing in their rocket test stack... somewhat safer at that point than when they're firing the TM65!

Back in town we also scored a photo of another landmark we were familiar with, this time from excellent Danish political drama Borgen:

The courthouse steps are well guarded by these lizard dudes:

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