Having packed up our airbeds for the last time on this trip, we made an early start so we could get to Copenhagen with some daytime left - we wanted to see some of the city but only had one night there. Mainly a run down rv23 and then the E22...

That took us straight through Malmo without even so much as a glance at the city, because we were headed for something well-known to us due to the eponymous scandinavian crime drama. Vis, BRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE!

Hehe, the wind farm to the left makes nice patterns if you get the timing right...

Our rather fancy accommodation would be the Copenhagen Island Hotel, HERE. They have parking but it was fairly full... again Laika disappeared a little way down the road, but the staff let us put our bikes in their pedal-cycles area!

Just by chance we had arrived in town on the night where all the school-leavers celebrate the end of their exams, so as we walked around there was a constant passing of army-trucks-hastily-converted-into-busses, each containing its own particular style of sound system, decoration, and fleet of students dressed as sailors.

Needless to say they'd been drinking most of the day, and were all pretty keen to wave / yell something (sounded friendly enough) to passing strangers / show you their underwear. Fair enough, like. Some folk obviously couldn't source a stylish army truck, so there were a few wrecked people being carted around in, well, carts also:

Anyway, we were in Denmark now so best do as the romans do and eat some pastries...

And then head up the tower of the Copenhagen University Observatory:

This has an excellent spiral corridor leading to the top, pretty sure the local skateboarders wish there wasn't a guard on the entrance :o)

It houses (the oldest working? not sure about that!) orrery..

... and the view from the top includes the briiiiiiiidge!

It also has a storage loft that looks like it would be an excellent place to have a party, or to have as a tinkering space:

And finally, a couple of random pictures of the local architecture...

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