Not much to say (or show) about the riding here I'm afraid - we'd been warned that the main road wasn't particularly remarkable and that's true. I'm sure there were more interesting routes available, but we were keen to get to Stockholm and be stereotypical tourists for a couple of days!

We headed for our hotel, an apartment-style job on the outskirts of the city. Some people on here said before we left that the metro system was good but confusing, but having used the London undergroud we found that the signs, trains, platforms and stations were all about as straightforward as you could hope. Buying tickets is the confusing part! I think it took us longer to buy the appropriate tokens than it took to actually get into town.

Anyway, since we're just sightseers at this point there's no photos of the riding, but there are lots of photos of us having a nice time...

... oh, and ducks. Most of us can't help ourselves from taking photos of ducks wherever we go - not sure why, but there's probably hundreds of photos of ducks amongst our combined photo collections. Here's one taken in the middle of town:

We saw Rick's telephone, wonder if he'd mind if we used it?

Having read about it in the guide book, we were all keen to visit the Ardbeg Embassay, and it didn't disappoint. They have ~25 locally-brewed craft beers on tap, so we sat down and went about working our way through them:

Chris managed to order the darkest beer anyone had ever seen. It tasted of cigars soaked in whisky.

Oh, and they've got a few malts if you like that kind of thing, which we do (this photo shows about a third of their selection):

Having spent a good chunk of our pocket money on a few rounds there, we wandered on in search of food and ended up at Magnus Ladulås, where we enjoyed an excellent meal and the most hilariously bad service I've ever experienced in a restaurant - getting our order wrong but yelling at us that what they'd brought really was what we wanted, charging us for the wrong stuff, huffing goodness-knows-what (claimed to be Eucalyptus oil) while they argued with each other about whose fault it was... anyway, the Roast Beef of Lamb was excellent!

And after a last stroll around admiring the night-time sights, that concludes our first day in Stockholm...

The next day, having spent another good 20 minutes on the process of purchasing 5 travelcards, we headed back into town and set about mocking the sculptures...

I really have no idea what's going on here:

More wandering around a very attractive town..

... and that makes beer o'clock! Cheers!

While we were sat drinking, a chap wearing a suit rocked up on this Royal Enfield (made in Redditch, about 10 miles from where I grew up) and nipped into the corner store. Definitely the coolest guy in town, and everyone in sight took a photo of his motorcycle:

And finally, back to the hotel for yet more bananagrams and maybe a splash of wine to finish the evening off...

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